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    Riviere rings commonly called “Riviere” represent one of the most popular type of rings for women, by absolute elegance and refinement. The first Riviere ring was built in 1895 and since that date the composition was the same: three, five, seven or even 9 precious stones, often set in a frame to end with working side addition to the classic single-track design.

    In the early years of the last century the design of Riviere ring was, most common, with three-precious stones and was made of yellow gold or platinum: later, thanks to the development of the design by the De Beers Group, the 3-stones design became known as Trilogy. The version with five precious stones Riviere ring served very often as a side dish with inserts in hard stone like onyx, lapis, etc. With the passing of the years the Riviere became a multiple ring composed of a minimum of three to a maximum of seven rings, each of which with a row of different precious stones. For this type of Riviere ring became necessary to force the use of the frame rail. Cicala proposes a collection of magnificent Riviere rings made in three colors of gold, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum made unique by precious stones such as diamonds, black diamonds, brown diamonds, fancy diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds.

    If you wish to create a ring chosing the material of the setting, the typology of gemstone and the budget you can contact Cicala: a jeweler will support you on every step from the design phase to the last one, in order to create the jewel of your dreams. You'll be able to select the number of gemstones, the typology and quality, the color of gold (18kt yellow, white or rose gold), the size and many other details of your riviere ring. Contact a Cicala jeweler now and create your ring!