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Cicala: Jewels that Arouse Emotions

Cicala: a name that evokes harmonious melodies and intense vibrations, just like the emotions that its jewels are able to arouse. Meeting between the creative flair and goldsmith mastery of an artisan family, a brand is born today that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of every woman. Each Cicala creation is a masterpiece of light and color, a dream that comes to life in gold, diamonds and precious stones, modeled with passion and love for the goldsmith's art. The Cicala collections offer a symphony of jewels for every occasion. Rings: solitaire rings that shine like promises of eternal love, trilogy rings that tell stories of complicity and rings with precious stones that illuminate the fingers with elegance. Necklaces: chokers that tighten around the neck like a delicate embrace, necklaces that fall onto the décolleté like cascades of light and pendants with precious stones that shine like shooting stars. Earrings: pendants that dance to the rhythm of the heart, lobes that discreetly embellish the face and hoops that frame the face with a touch of liveliness. Bracelets: Tennis bracelets that shine with their own light, bangles that give a regal allure and bangles with precious stones that embellish the wrist with a touch of originality. Cicala: A Jewel for every Symphony of Feelings. Whether it is a gift for your loved one, a symbol of an important milestone or a simple gesture of affection, a Cicala jewel is the perfect note to celebrate every special moment. Each Cicala creation is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, to guarantee a very high quality product that lasts over time, like the emotions it represents. Cicala offers a unique and personalized shopping experience, to help you find the perfect melody for your woman.

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