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­čś× is the online store of Gioielleria Cicala, a historic Genoese company that has been operating in the jewelery sector for over 50 years. After the foundation of the brand in 1975, it quickly became a reality followed and appreciated by the population of the city who loved good taste and refinement. By concentrating all its energy in creating a satisfying relationship with the customer, Cicala Jewelery has been able to win the trust of jewelry and watch lovers with its expertise, maintaining an unmatched quality since its foundation.


In addition to the sale of watches and luxury objects, offers the charm of a personalized jewel thanks to the service of creating jewelry on request. This possibility, which combines the "traditional and historical" activity of jewelry with the art of creating jewelry to satisfy the wishes of the customer, has made it a famous point of reference throughout the country for anyone looking for a jewel of exclusive and refined class created with attention, attention to detail and meticulous pursuit of perfection.



We dedicate ourselves to customer satisfaction with passion and professionalism every day. Cicala's mission and its values represent the principles and ideals that have guided the company and all its collaborators over the years. These values are reflected in decisions and actions, day after day.


  1. The PRECIOUS, first of all  - Everything we do as Cicala Jewelery is based on the concept of precious, of "done well at any cost". We want to communicate this added value to our customers. The goal of our company, whether it is a small ornament, a watch or a jewel, or operational and management methods, is to make the purchase as satisfying as possible.


  2. Commitment to QUALITY - We take our every task seriously and carefully. All aspects of our work, from when we start the day until we leave the jewelry, are aimed at professionalism. We seek sincere and constructive opinions, and we use them to improve the quality of our work. In the end, the important thing is the happiness of the customer.


  3. Every voice MATTERS - Great ideas can come from anyone. Cicala is what it is today thanks to the voice of each of its many customers and collaborators. Everyone is encouraged to present their ideas, to listen and respect the opinions of others, and to accept criticism to create great and new projects together.


  4. Think globally - In every part of the world there is someone interested in valuables. We are committed to supporting and increasing the interest of customers, national and international, in the world of jewelry. Through our Instagram page, on Facebook, Google, YouTube, in our blog and through communications via newsletters, with partnerships between companies… We want to stay connected with thousands of possible customers and expand interest in precious items and our company.


  5. Learn & grow - The world of jewelery is constantly changing. Technologies improve, techniques change, and design philosophies quickly become obsolete. From the very first days of starting our business, we have always worked to improve ourselves through experience, teaching each other and cultivating the desire to be the best in everything we do. For us this responsibility is individual and collective at the same time, in the constant search for new ideas for improvement.