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Ring size guide



Cicala provides you with a simple guide to independently determine the size of the finger and choose the correct size of the ring to order. The proposed methods are simple and intuitive, all you need is a sample ring of the right size or a printer.


guide to ring size



Simple and intuitive, this option allows you to check the size of the ring by comparing it with our online gauge. First print the ring gauge, check that the scale of the print is correct and place it on a horizontal surface. At this point it is sufficient to position the ring of which you want to take the measurement on the various circles and check which of those present adheres better.

Note: The comparison to be made is with the inner edge of the ring you own.



Even easier, this second option allows you to check the size of your finger quickly and safely. Print the ring gauge, check that the print scale is correct and fold the sheet along the dotted lines. Using a cutter or scissors, being very careful, cut out the semicircle. Try now the various holes you have created in the circle and find your ideal size.



To carry out this measurement it is necessary to take the ring of which you want to know the size and place it on a flat horizontal surface. Using a ruler it is necessary to measure the internal diameter (the largest distance between the internal edges), as specified in the figure. Once in possession of the dimension in centimeters, just compare the value with the following table.


Size in mm / Ring Size

14.00 mm = size 4
14.30 mm = size 5
14.50 mm = size 6
15.00 mm = size 7
15.30 mm = size 8
15.50 mm = size 9
16.00 mm = size 10
16.30 mm = size 11
16.50 mm = size 12
17.00 mm = size 13
17.30 mm = size 14
17.50 mm = size 15
17.70 mm = size 16
18.00 mm = size 17
18.50 mm = size 18
18.80 mm = size 19
19.00 mm = size 20
19.50 mm = size 21
19.70 mm = size 22
20.00 mm = size 23
20.50 mm = size 24
20.80 mm = size 25
21.00 mm = size 26
21.30 mm = size 27
21.50 mm = size 28


Cicala is also available by telephone to offer you support and help in determining the size of your finger. Contact our Customer Service at the contacts below or use the appropriate chat: an operator will always answer you as quickly as possible.


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* the toll-free number is free for all calls from landlines in Italy, and is active from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:30 to 20:00.