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Oro Trend produces high quality jewelry, completely manufactured in Italy, characterized by unique personality that makes them absolutely recognizable. The company was born in Valenza in 1980 from the experience of the founders Aldo Bellotto and Sandro Ferraris. The high quality of the jewels, the result of an extraordinary technical skill and originality, has led the company to establish itself quickly in the international market, through participation in the most important exhibitions. Oro Trend become popular in a few years and is established in the best high quality jewelry. The company devotes many resources to research new technologies and concepts, constantly renewing their creations, in line with the trends and the taste of the moment. The new generation has been able to create continuity with tradition. Adapting to the changes in taste and fashion, while still maintaining its unique style. Classical models, a pictorial and artistic sensibility to the color combinations of the most variety of precious and semiprecious stones allow you to create timeless jewelry. The wearer adds a touch of light and elegant look to your body and you feel special. Oro Trend devotes considerable attention to the choice of materials, among them the hard stone and semi-precious stones, used with extreme refinement and imagination, combined with various shades of gold, diamonds and colored stones. Thanks to many particulars like shapes, colors, the precision embedding of Oro Trend jewels the are consedered unique, recognizable masterpieces capable of establishing an emotional connection with the wearer. Segments and lights play and chase each other on gold thread made with a unique and exclusive process. Each coil is made of gold with patience and dedication by the master goldsmith who manually wraps around a single soul, lap after lap, the thin filament that will create the structure. Cicala offers the beautiful lines of Oro Trend jewelry focusing not only on the amazing jewelry products but even on the chevalier rings in gold and silver, real workhorse of the brand.

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