Rigid bracelet yellow gold silver copper

Rigid bracelet yellow gold silver copper  - CICALA
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Rigid bracelet yellow gold silver copper.
The bracelet you are looking at is made up of 3 solid yellow gold, silver and copper bands.
Although it may seem like a simple process, welding the 3 metals together is a complex process as each metal has a different melting point than the others.

This rigid or "slave" bracelet was also called a "Health Bracelet" in the past due to the presence of silver and copper, beneficial elements when kept in contact with the body.
The bracelet in question has a height of 14.8 mm and a thickness of 1mm.
It is an open bracelet that can be adjusted independently to your wrist.

Cicala offers free insurance coverage on the shipment of the jewel.
It is delivered with an elegant gift box and material guarantee.
Made in Italy production signed by Cicala.

The meaning of the 3 metals of the bracelet.
GOLD - Symbol of the Sun, energy, health and purity is believed to be a good conductor of vital energies in man. It is precious, rare and restores the positive mood.
SILVER - Significantly reduces the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and mites. The ancient Romans already used the healing properties of this precious metal, using it to disinfect wounds and to preserve drinking water.
COPPER - It has relaxing properties, fights stress, relieves muscle pain, prevents cellular oxidation, reduces liver damage and cirrhosis, due to the assimilation of carcinogenic substances.


main specifications

Material: 18KT YELLOW GOLD
Grams: 9.00
Material: COPPER

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