Silver animals figurines

Silver animals figurines are gift ideas suitable for many occasions. These precious silver miniatures, made using prized prototyping, casting and enamelling techniques, are extremely sought after not only by collectors, but also by those who dream of being surrounded at home or in the office by refined, exclusive, precious and unique objects.

Small works of art

The silver ornaments that you will find in our online shop or at our headquarters in Genoa are suitable for everyone, adults and children, men and women: among the hundreds of creations you can find the right gift idea for each person. These precious objects are highly appreciated by professionals thanks to the prestige they give to the furniture, and are usually donated on the main anniversaries of the year as a sign of recognition for the services performed. The silver ornaments in fact confer a special and unusual touch of class that can surprise and positively impress the observer.


They also allow you to characterize the home or office environment with your favorite animal or totem animal, or the guide animal that spiritually represents our essence and is assigned to us at birth. The essence of the animal, and therefore its personality, will talk about us to observers, telling and describing our character, our strengths and our defects without the need for words. The animal you choose to give or buy for yourself will represent and communicate some virtues and some characteristics, so carefully evaluate the most suitable to choose.

A fun and symbolic gift

Temporarily setting aside the spiritual and serious side, these jewels often become a witty and fun gift as they evoke the nicknames given to people, their surnames, or the proximity with some character characteristics between the animal and the person, such as being "independent as a cat", "stubborn as a mule", "smart as a fox", "proud and free as an eagle", "meek as a lamb". In many cases they are given as a lucky charm or as a symbol of good luck, as in the case of ladybugs, elephants, turtles and spiders.


Furthermore, in the history of art and literature, in popular tradition and in legends, there is a constant use of animal figures, attributing different roles and meanings to them. For example, just to name a few, the owl is a symbol of Athena's ancestral wisdom and knowledge (the Greek goddess was in fact often represented with an owl or an owl beside her); the dog assumes the symbol of fidelity and absolute loyalty to the master and of vigilance, of safety, reliability and attachment (an example is the dog Argus of Ulysses, who patiently awaits the return of the hero for twenty years before let yourself die); the cat was the sacred animal par excellence in ancient Egypt for its social utility (it kept food supplies safe from rats) and for its link with the divine (it was the sacred animal of Bastet, Goddess of the house, of women, fertility and births); the snake symbolizes the ability to transform, initiation, death and rebirth; the swan accompanies meanings of grace, absolute beauty and harmony; the fawn symbolizes delicacy, innocence and kindness; etc.

Animals in silver: unique collectible items

For all these reasons, the selection of Saturno Argenti animals that you find on the site therefore becomes a perfect choice for the main anniversaries and holidays of the year. There will always be an opportunity to give a silver animal ornament and communicate a message, be it love or friendship, through a symbol. Furthermore, given the incredible amount of creations (over 700) you can calmly embellish the collection over time and, over the years, have a real Wunderkammer (i.e. a wonder chamber) full of fantastic and magical creations. , hand-glazed, all different from each other.

The silver animals for sale in our jewelry and in our online shop are all exclusively Made in Italy, signed Saturno Argenti, and made entirely of precious hypoallergenic nickel free 925 silver. This clarification is necessary to pay homage to the specialized model makers of the brand, who shape the wax models, still sculpting them by hand in every single detail, and to the enamelling artists who, through multiple coatings of color (from a minimum of 5 up to 15), give deep nuances and realism to animals. Given the craftsmanship and attention to detail, each silver ornament animal is therefore unique and different from all the others.

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