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    Even the jewelry offers its tribute to the animal kingdom. Cicala dedicates an entire section of its online shop to the world of animals: since most small and funny, such as ladybugs, up to the largest and most impressive, as elephants and tigers.
    Cicala proposes its loyal customers, or just curious “surfers”, this incredible collection of ornaments in silver with enamel applied by hand. There are really so many animals, both domestic and wild, breeding, all masterfully created by master Italian silversmiths. This incredible collection will let fall in love who loves animal thanks to their incredibly refined look that makes them very similar to the original ones. Cats are present in many forms and races such as Persians, wild, striped and Siamese; dogs see their presence with bulldog, setter, greyhounds, beagles and pugs. Farm animals are represented, for example, ducks, geese, donkeys, cows, hens and chicks.
    Cicala offers a tribute to nature: the Cicala staff love animals and for this devote ample space of the website to this category. These ornaments are available in many different sizes, from small to the giants, but they are always and exclusively created manually in the style and the high quality of the Made in Italy. But that’s not all... Cicala is at your disposal to create ornaments on commission. Submit your request through the Cicala contact form: an expert will support you for every desire.