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    Earrings with pearls have always been the greatest examples of elegance, sophistication, luxury. There are different types of pearl earrings for different tastes and desires, for special occasions or for a daily use. The pearl earrings can be classic, with clip or as stud earring, made with 18kt white gold setting (but also in rose or yellow gold) and with pearls of different sizes, shapes and colors. Cicala personally selects all the pearls: this leads to an incredible price and supreme beauty. Among the most beautiful pearls used you’ll find Akoya pearls, known as the best thanks to their typically very high quality: also called japanese pearls. The hatchery of these productions is in the south of Japan. The beads have a size which usually ranges from 2 to 10 mm, seldom higher. The color is typically white, pink, cream and various shades. Very rare are the grey pearls. There will be many shapes: pear, drop, baroque, ovaloid, spherical. Among the larger pearls with diameters between 7 mm to 18 mm you’ll find the "Pearls of the South Seas" or "South Sea pearls" located in the seas between the two tropics. These wonderful gems generally come from Australia, Burma, Borneo, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Polynesia and Okinawa and appeared in the world market in the late 50s.

    The proposed pearls, except the one created by Cicala, are from the best brand, pure expression of the Made in Italy: Coscia jewelry with pearls. This brand, using only the finest Akoya pearls, is proposed by Cicala to offers you the most beautiful collection suitable for any your need. For a woman looking for something more particulars Cicala is also available to create earrings with pearls on commission: contact Cicala, choose your setting, the material and the pearl… And you’ll see the birth of an esclusive personal jewel.