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    For 175 years, L'Epée is vanguard in the implementation of table clocks. It’s currently the only Swiss manufacturer specializing in the production of incredibly table clocks. L’Epée was founded in 1839, initially for the production of components for carillon and wristwatches, by Auguste L'Epée, who started his business in the vicinity of Besancon, France. L’Epée was distinguished by the realization exclusively manual for all components. In 1850 the brand became a pioneer in the implementation of escapements of 'platform', with the creation of special controllers for alarm clocks, table clocks and musical clocks. In 1877 it produced 24.000 exhausts platform year. The brand became famous for its specialization, thanks to several patents for special escapements, such as exhausts shockproof, with auto-start and constant force, and as the main supplier of many famous watchmakers of the time. L’Epée has won numerous first prizes at international exhibitions. During the 20th century, L'Epée had much of its reputation to its extraordinary watches coach and, for many, L'Epée was the clock of the powerful and the people who matter; It was also the gift usually chosen for officials of the French government for guests elite. In 1976, when the supersonic aircraft Concorde went into commercial service, the Wall clocks L'Epée were chosen for the decor of the cabins, providing passengers with visual information on the hour. In 1994, L'Epée showed his hunger challenges of creating the world's largest clock with plywood pendulum, Giant Regulator, with a height of 2.2 meters and a weight of 1,200 kg; the only mechanical movement weighs 120 kg and has required 2,800 hours of work. L'Epée  is currently based in Delémont, a region of Jura mountains in Switzerland. L'Epée clocks have sophisticated solutions, such as retrograde seconds, power reserve indicator, perpetual calendar, the tourbillon and the movement of high-impact, all designed and manufactured in-house. The reserve of long life has become a feature of the mark, together with the finish amazingly accurate. Cicala offers very accurate selection with collectibles of extraordinary beauty and unique mechanics, true masterpieces of the art of watchmaking as L'Epée accustomed over time.