Singing Bird Clock Reuge Music music box

Singing Bird Clock Reuge Music music box - REUGE MUSIC
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Clock-alarm with singing bird music box created by Reuge Music.
This music box is a table clock with alarm clock and Singing Bird automaton handcrafted in the 70s in Switzerland by the Maison Reuge Music. This very particular piece of furniture can be defined as an exclusive jewel, a true work of art for the attention to detail and its incredible functions.

In ancient times these types of boxes were used as snuff boxes, but were later modified into musical carillons and embellished with elements in wood, metal, gilding and, of course, with a singing bird. The production of this mechanism (consisting of 250 parts), invented in 1780 by Jaquet-Droz, of La Chaux-de-Fonds, was continued by Reuge Music. This very rare model is further enriched by a watch with a hand-wound mechanical movement.

By pressing the start button on the right, the miniature songbird (2 cm) rises when the medallion is opened. With synchronized movements it turns, opens its beak, flaps its wings, wags its tail and then disappears when the medallion closes. The duration of its melody is 10-12 seconds. Due to the painstaking work on its creation, the creation of the bird's multicolored and iridescent plumage alone took more than 4 hours.

Dimension: 120 x 78 x 60cm
Weight: about 850g
Medallion: hand enameled and signed by the artist
Lateral surfaces: lapis-lazuli enamel
Corners, borders and inside of the medallion: with gilding
Hand-wound mechanical movement watch
Function: alarm clock (this function foresees a pre-alarm of a few seconds with a delicate chime sound before the song of the bird)
Limited Edition, only one piece available.

NB. The melody of the bird song is not a recorded sound, but is made by a bellows operated by a sophisticated precision mechanism.

Link to view the automation and hear the melody:


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