Silver photo frames, the perfect gift idea

Silver photo frames have always been part of the furnishings of our homes, giving with their bright beauty a touch of style, elegance and refinement to the entire environment.

La gioielleria Cicala ha accuratamente selezionato cornici d’argento che presentano rifiniture ricercate e originali destinate a coloro che amano elementi pregiati. Insomma, idee regalo perfette per aggiungere valore ai propri ricordi ed ai momenti più importanti della famiglia migliorando, nello allo stesso tempo, l’estetica delle nostre abitazioni e dei nostri uffici.

They become the custodians of the most beautiful and meaningful memories by showing them to us every day and reminding us, regardless of our age, the feelings and emotions experienced on our skin when the photos were taken.

The birth of a child, the discovery of a breathtaking view during a holiday, a happy moment spent with friends or the long-awaited wedding day are just some of the anniversaries that thanks to our precious silver frames you can frame, protect and enhance their beauty. with the passing years.

Precious silver frames for special occasions

The frames, whether they are simple glossy or worked with fine craftsmanship, thanks to the many finishes available therefore become a gift idea that never goes out of fashion and suitable for any occasion. Among the most suitable occasions to give a silver photo frame we can mention, just to give a few examples: baptisms, confirmations and communions, weddings and anniversaries, professional goals, graduations and birthdays. This gift, which we remember can also hold a professional certificate such as a diploma or a degree, will certainly find space on a shelf or on a desk of our loved ones, snatching a smile and a thought from them every time, even involuntarily, it meets their gaze. during the day.


For the most demanding people, Cicala jewelry also offers the possibility of customizing the frame by applying a small silver plate on the back. This operation allows you to leave a small dedication with date and signature behind the gift, to keep every nuance about the reason and moment of the gift alive over time.

The silver frames are an excellent possible gift even when you do not know the person well: it often happens that you want to thank the provider of a service, someone who has done us a kindness or a doctor who has treated us with particular attention ... all these cases the versatility of the frames, which often adapt to any type of furniture, is the ideal choice.

A final necessary clarification concerns the way in which our silver frames are made and selected: they are made in solid silver plate, they are not bilaminated and much less covered or plated. This high quality feature allows each object to be solid and valuable, and of course to keep its beauty unchanged over time.