Our History

The history of Cicala jewelry

Cicala jewelry, born as a diamond cutter activity in the early 1950s with Antonio Cicala, extended its professionalism to the diamond, colored gemstone and jewelry trade in the early months of 1975, aiming for a selection of high-quality proposals. With his family, the founder acquired a small goldsmith shop in Genoa Pegli, a delightful and elegant tourist town overlooking the sea in the western part of Genoa, in Italy.

Since 1950 a story of passion and professionalism

After years of commitment and sacrifice, Antonio, together with his sons Massimo and Rita, expanded the premises to the point of creating the current headquarters, larger and more structured on the sales surface than the small initial store. The customers were then welcomed in a pleasant classy jewelry, with an elegant and wide entrance carved in wood and a large central counter embellished with large silver furnishing elements. At the same time, the in-house laboratory was also growing, which was initially dedicated to simple processing and repairs, specializing in the creation of jewelry on commission.

On the death of Antonio in the 80s, his daughter Rita left the management of the company to Massimo, who invested his resources to further improve the jewelry: the caveaux and security systems were expanded, and the whole structure was equipped with the first computer. Cicala was in fact one of the first companies in Italy to computerize, using advanced management programs and a first embryonic website for the presentation of creations and services.

In 2005, Antonio, son of Massimo, joined the jewelry staff. The life of the company therefore had an important new change: the ideas of Antonio, the result of studies abroad, of numerous trips to the East in search of the best suppliers for raw materials and of contacts with other expert jewelers scattered throughout the peninsula, give Cicala jewelry an important new stimulus to reflect, change and grow again.

Between 2010 and 2011 the first version of Cicala.it is presented to the public. Although with some bugs and various inaccuracies deriving from the pioneering idea (they were all very skeptical of the idea of being able to sell jewels at a distance, except Antonio), the website starts to become the reference point for those who wish to safely buy jewels and watches, or who are looking for a reliable, serious, expert and quality interlocutor for the creation of jewelry “from a distance”.

In February 2016 the new headquarters was inaugurated to the public, after a complete restyling. The exhibition and sales area, even bigger and well organized, has been called the "Boutique of Jewel" in Genoa for the elegance and refinement of the furnishings. Together with the relaxing atmosphere, the luxurious and refined but not excessive context makes the visit to the place a perfect moment to dedicate oneself pleasantly to the choice of the jewel of one's dreams.