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Watch boxes are an indispensable object for the care and protection of one's watches, especially if they are precious and prestigious. The craftsmanship of the best brands makes these boxes stand out as unique pieces.
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Made of brown, beige, white or black leather, in wood, and always with soft and non-abrasive padding and interior linings (usually silk) to safeguard the watch cases and straps from any kind of possible deterioration due to shaking, falling or bumps . Cicala offers a very rich selection of watch-case boxes where it is possible to view many masterpieces crafted with the best innovative techniques, combined with good taste and refinement. You will be able to find a wide range of products: from rotors (rotating watch holders to guarantee automatic recharging), to cases for protecting watches, to special models, perfect for true collectors.


Among the historically most famous brands in this sector we find “Scatola del Tempo”, a made in Italy company founded in 1989 by Sandro Colarieti, a watch collector. The boxes of the time keeping boxes are watch-holder boxes for collectors, born from the need to safeguard valuable mechanical watches with automatic winding keeping their movement always active. The products within this selection see two types of lines: the lines with rotors, ie watch-case boxes that simulate the movement of the wrist and keep the watches charged, and the cases in leather and wood, without rotors, whose sole objective is that of keeping the watch safe from light, moisture, dust and dirt.