Pe Zêna e pe Sàn Zòrzo

To emphasize the close bond that unites the city with its people, the Rings of Genoa “Pe Zêna e pe Sàn Zòrzo” are born, which literally means "For Genoa and for Saint George". The motto, chosen from an ancient saying, is intentionally in the Genoese language precisely to safeguard a small part of the history and culture of Genoa.

A symbol of Genoa


These jewels, created for city lovers and for visitors who want to bring with them an object that symbolizes the fantastic experience lived during their vacation, are the only real good realized to give the possibility to wear on the finger, besides the memory , also one of the traditional and historical symbols of Genoa and its soul. The strength of the Genoa Rings is their versatility: thanks to the manually adjustable open shank they adapt to every finger size.


The uniqueness of Cameo Jewels


The Cameo, in natural shell, is always hand-engraved in Torre del Greco in Naples: each ring is therefore a unique creation different from all the others. There will never be two identical rings. The two versions, in silver and burnished silver, bear the Genoa crest and the icon of Saint George and the Dragon at their peak.


Cicala adds an added value to its jewels by marrying the social charitable cause of Gaslini Onlus, the Association that favors medical care for children at the Gaslini Pediatric Hospital in Genoa, the national symbol of excellence in medical field. For each Genoa Ring sold, you will donate € 10 to the Gaslini Onlus Association.

Join the charity project of Cicala in favor of Gaslini Onlus and buy one of the two rings of Genoa with Cameo immediately. It is a unique opportunity to wear an exclusive jewel and do good at the same time to those most in need. Choose whether to wear the ancient Coat of Arms of Genoa, one of the oldest and most proud cities in the world, or whether to honor Saint George, leader of the good against the forces of evil.



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