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    455,00 €

    Cicala, a leading Italian jewelry brand, offers a wide range of precious rings to choose online. Choose a ring is a very important thing: it is a jewel of important and absolute significance. Cicala.it website offers various solutions already made or to be made from scratch. Examples of the online rings are the chevalier rings, or create customized rings according to the customers taste and needs; simple models or more elaborate designs, in different materials, inserts, stones and enamels make them absolutely exclusive. Great selection also for models with precious stones to buy online: wide range of online rings with important milestones, such as rubies and emeralds, besides the section devoted to solitary. Buy rings online to match or customize: Cicala will enjoy a creation and customization of jewelry. Our staff follows the creation of new jewelry step by step: from design to the choice of the most suitable stone, in materials and finish. Cicala offers different services and customer support during and after the purchase with advantageous proposals relating to the payment of insurance and precious. Cicala offers then constantly updated and all its availability due to service customer support. Buy rings online on the Cicala shop is very simple and guaranteed: a safe and discreet delivery often in 24h, free on Italian territory and usually 2-3 day worldwide. Flagship of the company, and the opportunity to buy rings online, is the constant use of precious materials of certified origin from the craftsmanship, attention to every single detail. Visit the jewelry on the site Cicala and buy rings online with confidence: you'll have a unique jewel, special, refined and precious.

    Ample space is cropped for women rings: the eternity rings and rings with half circle of diamonds (riviere rings). These two types of rings are famous for the elegance and sophistication. Among eternity rings will be possible to chose every detaild from the color fo the gold (white, yellow and rose), and the gems as black diamonds, white diamonds or colored sapphires. The same principle of choice of materlai and gems is also applied to riviere rings (ie the rings with "half turn" on the surface of gems). These two rings, given their symbolic value, are perfect to celebrate an important moment in the life of the couple.

    To declare your love safely Cicala proposes a collection of solitaire rings to suit all tastes: classic solitaire rings or modern by Mirco Visconti, 18kt white gold with certified diamond. The experience of almost 50 years of Cicala in the diamond market guarantees every purchase: the diamonds used are always of a very "white" color (the color is always from H to D in the scale). Of particular importance is the collection of D color solitaires, rings with diamonds with the best color in the world.