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    The solitaire rings online are part of a broad category of jewelry with infinite possibilities: they embody the phrase "forever" and are linked to a very specific event, the eternal union. The solitaire rings are unique jewels that carry with them a promise: perfection of the jewel, in this case, is crucial.

    Cicala, with the best tradition in the world of diamonds, proposes different types of online solitaire rings depending on the design, the materials and the cut of the diamonds. The solitary presented online are very important pieces, the right combination of brilliance and preciousness; the company also offers the possibility to create from scratch the ring that best meets specific needs. Cicala has always focused on the quality of the jewelry products, the elegance of classic design without disdaining contemporary influences. The lone remains a jewel of important significance that requires extreme care in choosing the same jewel: on Cicala’s website you can find detailed information about our staff, responsible and punctual, will be eager to assist in every step prior to the acquisition, ensuring, moreover, a constant support in the post-purchase. Buy a solitaire online requires confidence in the quality of the product, in the security of the transaction, the ability to ensure the jewel and the customer-company relationship that goes beyond the single purchase. Cicala is a leading jewelry brand of Made in Italy and provides support services, tutorials, guides to purchasing and all the courtesies necessary to ensure quiet operation. Buy solitaire rings online is now easy and safe: visit Cicala.it, choose among the wide collection available and choose the solitaire ring that you like more!

    Among all the diamonds created in nature Cicala selects a prestigious quality: the D color diamonds. D color is the best color, it is the most "white"... The result is an overwhelming diamond able to charm the observer at first sight. Those diamonds are then inserted in the elegant, modern and safe setting of Cicala, an unique design that allows the diamond to shine and show its beauty at 100%. Discover today the Cicala's D color diamond solitaires collection.