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    Watch holders are an indispensable object for care and protection of watches, especially if automatic, precious and prestigious. These boxes are unique pieces, made with the highest attention to detail and embellished with exclusive elements as the best leather and the finest silks.


    Among the historically best-known brands in this sector, we find "Scatola del Tempo", made in Italy brand, founded in 1989 by Sandro Colarieti, watch collector, who, looking for a watch holder for his watches, he decided to build one on your own, using skilled craftsmen and the highest quality materials. Since then, the success of the brand increased and also expanded abroad, where still today receives acclaim and admiration due to the quality of its products.


    Cicala proposes a rich selection of watch holders, handcrafted masterpieces, of good taste and refinement. On Cicala you can find a wide range of products: rotor boxes for automatic watches, boxes for the protection of wrist watches and special models, perfect for real collectors.

    Visit this section of Cicala.it and choose the watch holder you prefer that fits you more: Cicala's staff will be at your disposal for any kind of information, or for models not displayed in this pace.