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    One of the jewels knows and more loved, appreciated by women from all over the world, are the earrings with diamonds. The many forms and materials used over the years have met the incredible designers of Cicala, for a change in their stylistic form. There are infinite combinations of shapes, colors, materials, finishings... Many different possibilities to satisfy the needs of anyone who wants something unique. Cicala also proposes diamond's earrings with simple, elegant and classic. Earrings are the jewels that donate light to the face enhancing the intensity and the beauty of the smile. The continuous search for new shapes and creative solutions, united the high-quality materials and manufacturing provides Cicala’s creation the unique 'ability' to charm and fascinate the observer. Earrings in white, yellow, rose gold... You'll find infinite proposals.

    Among the collections of diamond earrings proposed by Cicala you can find jewels with easy or complex designs, cheap or expensive, but with a common denominator: incredibly high quality. The classic diamond earrings, versatile, perfect for any occasion and suitable for all ages are defined “lobe earrings” or "stud earrings". These earrings see a single diamond set on a four griffes setting or round setting. In both cases the setting is able to enhance the quality characteristics of light, color and brilliance of the diamond. Cicala proposes a collection of earrings with diamonds of exceptional quality by presenting D color and VS clarity collection of stud earrings. Extraordinary diamonds in all sizes, perfect for represent an important occasion, earrings for the woman of your life who will fall in love at first glance.

    Further than the classic stud-setting there are the pendant earrings, refined models never out of fashion. Cicala also offers diamond earrings from the extremely refined design with fanciful shapes, for a different kind of jewel or with geometric shapes, classic but always very elegant. These designs are evaluated starting by 18kt gold in three colors, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold often combined to create unique earrings masterpieces from the best Made in Italy goldsmith. The diamond, without doubts, is the best gem to enhance the aesthetic and quality of a jewel, even more if the jewelry are earrings. Choose Cicala's gold earrings and discover an incredible new world of beauty and elegance.