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    The tennis bracelet is an elegant jewel in vogue for a long time, a timeless classic in the world of jewelry. But perhaps not everyone knows the origin of his name ... It was sanctioned by the American tennis player Chris Evert, who, back in 1987, during a match of the US Open tournament, lost his riviere of diamonds and asked to interrupt the game in so as to be able to find the precious jewel, immediately framed by the cameras. The sportswoman then declared her total affection for her bracelet, then renamed unknowingly precisely "tennis bracelet". From that curious event, the popularity of this accessory grew dramatically and witnessed the beginning of his long life! To date, we find many models: from the most classic in yellow and pink gold, to those in white gold, more modern and youthful. The perfect setting and the excellent setting of the diamonds mean that once closed, the closure disappears and the beginning cannot be distinguished from the end. It is, in fact, the bracelet of the infinite, symbol of eternal love!

    Cicala creates these beautiful jewels and offers its customers a lot of different models in white, yellow and pink gold, set with diamonds of different carats. Perfect for every type of woman, it is the ideal gift to remember an unforgettable moment, a fundamental step in your life: a wedding anniversary or the birth of a child. Or simply to show your partner your love, eternal and indestructible like this bracelet!